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FoxToPhone, the new name for SendToPhone

12 Aug

The popular Firefox extension that enables users to take advantage of Google Android’s ChromeToPhone feature has renamed itself.

The extension formerly know as SendToPhone, will now be known as FoxToPhone.

After months of development, the community build extension, Send To Phone has been re-branded Fox To Phone. The developers have worked closely with the Google sponsored Chrome To Phone project, to build an extension that is 100% compatible with ChromeToPhone app available from today from the Android Market.

ChromeToPhone is a service for Google Chrome that takes the current page being viewed on a desktop and sends it to the users paired Android device. It was first demoed at he the Google I/O confrence in San Fransisco in May 2010, as part of the presentation announcing Android 2.2 (a.k.a. Froyo). The service comes in two parts, firstly an extension for Google Chrome to send the link, and secondly an app for the Android device to open the link once received. FoxToPhone works with the same Android app and enables users to use the service with Firefox, just like they can with Chrome. As over 30% of users worldwide user Firefox, it has been downloaded over 35,000 times and has proven very popular with users who favor the Android & Firefox combination.

FoxToPhone takes advantage of the Mozilla platform’s API’s to deliver additional features:
- Send current page with address bar button
- Right-click on any link/image/page to send it.
- Highlight any text and right click to send to the clipboard in your phone
- Automatically send market://, sms://, tel:// links to the Android device where the launch the relevant app

The open source project started in May after of two developers, one Spanish and the other Irish, joined two competing implementations of ChromeToPhone for the Mozilla platform. With further enhancements currently under development, ChromeToPhone and FoxToPhone are set to a must have feature for smartphone users.

FoxToPhone is available for Firefox 3.0+ on all platforms (including GNU/Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac and Windows) from or
ChromeToPhone for Android is available from the Android Market